Exploring the “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”: A Comprehensive Review

lenovo earbuds xt95 pro


If you like lenovo earbuds  then this article is priceless for you. I personally like “Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” because they are superb in performance and very cheap. In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, Lenovo has consistently delivered innovative and high-quality products. The Lenovo Earbuds XT95 Pro are no exception.

These earbuds have garnered significant attention for their impressive features, design, and sound quality. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the Lenovo Earbuds XT95 Pro, exploring every aspect to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering purchasing them.

Over view

“lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”  is  available in a standard version of a white and black color as well as luminous version of black and white color . The boxes are the same including the image on the front and specifications on  the back the package contents are also the same such as charging case with earbuds usb type-c cable and user manual  so the only difference between standard and luminous versions is the backlight and the charging case .

Charging case

The design of the charging case of  is the main feature of “lenovo xd95 pro” earbuds first it has a  transparent lead so we can see the earbuds inside the case there’s also  another logger on the front and a sync plus logo on the back a charging port is located at the bottom the design of the charging case looks nice but .

However when you open the lid the lens of the keys starts glowing in different colors first it is red yellow green white blue and then the backlight turns off it looks very cool. Worth to pay two dollars extra the luminous version of these earbuds as for the design of the earbuds  themselves . They are very comfortable in the ears and you almost don’t feel them but I think  that they are good for active sports  and you should probably avoid all waterincluding sweat and rain.

How to control

“lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” have touched control panels that there are functions first you can play both the music with single press on the earbuds if you want to play the next track then triple press on the right earbud and a triple press on the left earbud to place  you just need double tap on the right earbud to volume up and the left earbud to volume down that’s very useful function of course you can take or reject the phone calls using the new  “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro and other earbuds you know there’s even gaming mode you need to press and hold  the right earbud to activate it .

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The Lenovo Earbuds XT95 Pro come with ANC technology that effectively reduces external noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in your music or calls. The ANC feature is adjustable, giving you control over the level of noise cancellation


The microphone quality of these “Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” Is good. As in this budget, you can say that this microphone will be helpful for you. And if we talk about the sound quality of the new “Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” is good and as you compare it to their earlier models there is not any major difference.

The new Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” have 13 millimeters driver aac and sbc audi decoding support the sound quality is very good for earbuds I am very surprised by the base because the earbuds have the same in-ear design the treble is also good so the vocals are very clear I think that lenovo x1085 pro have the most balanced sound the base mid-range and the treble are equal.

Bass Performance

The bass performance of the XT95 Pro is worth mentioning. It offers deep and punchy bass that adds depth to your music without overpowering the mids and highs. This balance ensures an enjoyable listening experience.


Talking about “Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro” The battery life of the “Lenovo earbuds xt95 pro is impressive. On a single charge, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of playback, and the charging case provides an additional 24 hours, making them ideal for long trips and commutes. Litteraly I am very shocked with their battery time.Not any other earbud in this range has such a great battery timing.


 In conclusion I really wants to appricate is  the design  that I like most in these earbuds.  “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”wireless earbuds design  of charging case especially luminous version i think it is worth paying two  dollars more for this amazing backlight and the keys however a standard version with a transparent lead also looks nice the earbuds have semi-indian design so they are very comfortable in the ears

However as I discussed earlier in the article that I  am not sure they are good for sports the sound quality and battery life are great for fifteen dollars or less earbuds i would even see “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”   sound better than some fifty or even one hundred dollars earbuds on the other hand you should understand  that the budget earbuds don’t have activeness cancellation eq modes and other features that are available on more expensive models anyway for 15 “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”   are really good earbuds . So, if you’re in the market for high-quality earbuds that deliver on both performance and style, the “lenovo earbuds xt95 pro”   are definitely worth considering. If you like to learn about more earbuds visit our site.


Do the Lenovo Earbuds XT95 Pro work with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant?

Ofcouse these earbuds are compatible with voice assistants, allowing you to control them with voice commands.

Can I use one earbud at a time, or do I need to use both simultaneously?

You can use either the left or right earbud independently, making them versatile for different situations.

How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds and the charging case?

The earbuds take approximately 1.5 hours to charge fully, while the charging case takes around 2 hours.

Are the XT95 Pro earbuds water-resistant?

Yes, they have an IPX4 rating, which means they are resistant to sweat and light splashes.

Is there an app available to customize the earbuds’ settings?

Yes, Lenovo offers a dedicated app that allows you to customize the earbuds’ settings and update firmware.

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