How to Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number: Introducing 4 Step to Step guide

In today’s digital age, our lives are intertwined with online accounts, and for many, their Apple ID is one of the most important accounts. The article “Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number” will explain the simplest solution for your problem. This unique login gives us access to many Apple services, including the App Store, iCloud and Apple Music. However, if you forget your Apple ID password and no longer have access to the phone number associated with it, it can be a discouraging situation. Do not worry; In this article “Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number”, we will walk you through the process of How to recover Apple ID password without phone number.

Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number

Why Recovering Your Apple ID Password is important

Before learning about the main steps of recovering it first we should learn that why it is essential for us to have access to our apple id.  Your Apple ID not only grants access to your apps, photos, and files but also holds valuable information such as payment methods, personal data, and important emails. Losing access to it can disrupt your digital life and even lead to data loss.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number

Follow the following steps to regain access to your Apple ID when you no longer have the associated phone number:

1. Open Your Preferred Web Browser:

  Start by opening your web browser on your computer or mobile device. You don’t need access to the device associated with your lost phone number.

2. Go to Apple’s Account Recovery Page:

   Navigate to Apple’s official account recovery page by visiting.

3. Enter Your Apple ID in the given section :

   Type in your Apple ID email address in the provided field and click “Continue.”

4. Choose the Recovery Method that is easy for you

   Apple offers various methods for account recovery. Since you no longer have access to your old phone number, select the “I need to reset my password” option and click “Continue.”

5. Verification via Email:

   Apple will send a verification code to your primary email address associated with your Apple ID. Access your email account and retrieve the code that they have sent to you .

6. Enter the Verification Code:

   Return to the Apple account recovery page and enter the verification code sent to your email address to access your account .

7. Reset Your Password:

   Once the verification code is accepted, you can now reset your Apple ID password. Enter your new password and confirm it. Make sure to choose a strong, unique password and your password should not match to your old password.

8. Confirm the Changes:

 Click “Reset Password” to confirm the password change. Your Apple ID password is now updated .After that you will see a message on your screen .

Congratulations! You’ve successfully recovered your Apple ID password without the need for your old phone number. Now you can access your Apple services and data once again.

Method 2: Contacting Apple Support

If you don’t have access to any alternate email address or trusted device, your best bet is to contact Apple Support. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the Apple Support Page: Go to the Apple Support website (
  2. Choose Your Device: Select the device or service you need assistance with. In this case, choose “Apple ID.”
  3. Select “Forgot Apple ID Password”: You’ll be directed to a page where you can choose “Forgot Apple ID Password.”
  4. Contact Options: Apple offers various contact options, including phone support and live chat. Choose the one that suits you best.
  5. Explain Your Situation: When you get in touch with Apple Support, explain that you’ve lost access to your phone number and can’t reset your Apple ID password. They will guide you through the account recovery process.

Method 3: Resetting Security Questions

In some cases, you can reset your Apple ID password by resetting your security questions. Here’s how:

Visit the Apple ID Account Management Page: Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

Go to “Security”: Under “Security,” you’ll find the “Change Questions” option. Click on it.

Verify Your Identity: You may be asked to verify your identity using the previously set security questions or by receiving an email verification.

Set New Security Questions: Once you’ve verified your identity, you can set new security questions and answers. Make sure they are easy for you to remember.

Method 4: Using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you have set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Apple ID, you can use this method to regain access:

  1. Go to the Apple ID Account Management Page: Visit and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Select “Password & Security”: Under this section, you can find the option to change your password.

In Conclusion

So in conclusion to “Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number” .  Losing access to your Apple ID due to a forgotten password and a missing phone number can be stressful, but with the right steps that we describe in our article , you can regain control of your account. Remember to keep your recovery information updated to prevent future inconveniences, and prioritize the security of your Apple ID to protect your valuable digital assets .You can also read our more article on apple id. If your like our article “Recover Apple ID Password Without a Phone Number” .Please leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I recover my Apple ID without any recovery information?

A1: Unfortunately, if you have no recovery information set up, such as an email address or trusted phone number, it becomes extremely challenging to recover your Apple ID.

Q2: What if I forgot both my Apple ID and password?

  A2: If you forgot both your Apple ID and password, you can still recover your Apple ID by visiting Apple’s account recovery page mentioned above. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your Apple ID, and then proceed with the password recovery steps.

Q3: How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?

A3: To avoid future complications, regularly update your recovery information, including your email address and phone number, in your Apple ID settings. Additionally, consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.

Q4: Is there a limit to how many times I can reset my Apple ID password?

   A4: While there is no specific limit to password resets, Apple may temporarily restrict access if it suspects unauthorized activity. It’s best to reset your password only when necessary and keep it secure.








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